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Big Brown? Does Anybody Care

Posted on: May 28, 2008 1:19 am

Ok, I realize that this horse Big Brown is trying to do something that hasn't been done since 1978, but come on, does anybody really care? I mean for most sports fans, we didn't even know it was Kentucky Derby week until thursday or Friday. Then, theres really no consistency with the races. Theres the Derby, the Preakness is 2 weeks later, then the Belmont is 3 weeks after that. Then right in the middle of the whole thing, the trainer of the big time horse admits to giving his horse steroids. Granted in the states where the big races are, theses steroids are legal, but still, its almost like these people are trying to get people to not care about there sport. The fact is, that I would rather hear who won the STANLEY CUP game than hear about Big Brown's fractured hoof, and that's saying something. The worst part is, even if this horse does something that hasn't been done in 30 years, people will have forgotten about him by wednesday unless he gets some life threatening injury, and most people will have tuned out anyway. The fact is that horse racing has run its course in this country as a big time sport. Its purpose now is for either people to go bet on, or to get dressed up and go to and drink mint julips. Thats all it is and that is all it will be from now on. So ESPN, we can go ahead and cool down on the Big Brown references when we could be spending more time on more important stories.

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